The schools received guidance from the government last week on how to function during the ongoing corona pandemic. It will not be an ordinary first day of school, that much is certain. And the mouth mask is assigned an important role, that is also for sure. Just a quick overview of what that entails for the purchase and maintenance of the family masks.

Relief in the education world last week. The light went green for a broad start to the school year, with as many children in the classroom as possible. Small difference with last year .. Just like pen and paper, the mouth mask will from now on belong to the compulsory school supplies.

Children and young people can go back to school on 1 September. Even five days a week. At least as long as code yellow applies in the municipality where the school is located. With code orange, students switch from third to sixth secondary school to alternate between distance learning and classroom lessons. However, the following applies to everyone – except for infants and pupils in primary education: mouth mask in the classroom, but not on the playground or during sports activities.

But what does that rule mean in practice? What is immediately noticeable is that the mask will switch on and off almost continuously. A normal school day in secondary education has seven to eight lessons. Spread over morning and afternoon and with at least one longer lunch break and two short breaks. Everyone also has an hour of sports / physical education at least twice a week. Someone who comes to school by public transport and who has sports that day, will have her / his mask at least seven! times on and off.

When putting on and taking off, there are a number of basic rules that we have already discussed here. It is especially important that you wash your hands before putting on and after removing the mask. And that you don’t touch the front of the mask when removing it.

Assuming a mask has become “contaminated” on the first wear, a problem arises if we want to keep it for reuse. Virus experts recommend that you keep the mask in a fixed place that you can easily disinfect. Or in a cloth bag or a laundry bag that can be put in the washing machine when you want to wash the mouth mask.

In principle, you can get through eight hours with a mask. Unless you use it intensively, like someone who has to talk for a long time. Or when it feels damp or clammy. In that case, it is recommended to replace it with a washed one. For a school day as described above, as a student, it is best to keep at least two masks in your pocket.

You can reuse a solid fabric mask several times. The masks can easily be washed in a separate net without getting tangled up. Washing must be from 60 degrees and at least 30 minutes. Every day if necessary. Not indefinitely, of course. As previously discussed, you can reuse a fabric mouth mask until visible wear appears on it. Just like with other school supplies ..

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