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Measure the distance from the bottom of your eyes to the bottom of your chin. Then find that length in the table below for the correct size.

SizeTotal length eyes to chin
Kids9,50 cm
S11,00 cm
M12,50 cm
L14,00 cm
Weight 0.75 kg

Easy company – 50 pcs


  • Easy to use – simple to take on and off.

    • Available in 4 sizes: kids, S, M, L
    • Colours: White, Dark grey, Beige, Black, Bordeaux,  Dark blue, Light blue
    • Proven filtration capacity: conform 8.4 NBN/DTD S65-001:2020
    • Proven air permeability: conform 8.5 NBN/DTD S65-001:2020
    • Polyester-cotton
    • Industrially washable & reusable
    • Cheaper in use than single use masks
    • Carbon neutral
    • Recyclable to new raw materials
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Alsico is a world leader in clean room clothing, workwear and protective clothing. We design, produce and distribute carbon neutral workwear based on the wearer’s needs.


The Alsico mask is not a medical device nor a personal protection equipment. Using this mask constitutes by no means a reason not to follow or reduce all current rules established by health authorities like e.g. social distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene protocols, etc . Follow the guidelines of the government when and where to wear these masks. This mask is not in conformity with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC nor the regulation (EU)2017/745 for medical devices. (used standard EN14683:2019)This mask shall not be used in circumstances where masks compliant to this regulation are needed. This mask is not in conformity with het PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. (used standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009This mask shall not be used in circumstances where masks compliant to this regulation are needed. This mask is not designed to prevent your lungs from airborne risks. This product is not suitable for children younger than 3 years due to choking hazard. Children wearing a community mask, should be supervised. Wear it max 4h or until it feels damp. Wearing a mask requires adjustment. The wearer will have the feeling to have less breathing air. This is normal, the masks works. The mask can not be used during heavy exertion like e.g. intensive sports. Read the user instructions carefully. Alsico NV cannot be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect use of the masks, nor for using it in situations where products are needed that need to comply either with, he medical device directive and/or the PPE regulation. Use of the mask other than described above is at own risk. Alsico NV is not responsible if the wear and tear is quicker than the max number of washes. The product should be checked before each use. Product warranty is excluded.

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