Now that masks are mandatory in shops, places of worship, museums, libraries and cinemas, we are going to put them on more often. But we do not wear the same mask everywhere. And not everyone is the same size. On which occasion do you best wear which type of comfort mask?

Masks sometimes need to be put on for a short or longer period of time. By people big and small, who move a lot, or just not. Alsico has an appropriate mask for all these different profiles and types of use. Read here how to choose the right mask.

First of all, this post is about comfort masks or community masks. These are not to be confused with the PPE certified masks (for example type FFP2 and FFP3) and the medical masks (EN14683). These masks are primarily intended for healthcare providers and people who are at increased risk through their work.

Alsico’s offering consists of comfort masks, masks that can prevent the spread of the virus under the conditions described below. Of course only if they are linked to the respect for the basic rules – keep your distance and hand hygiene.

Take the following scenario: you have to go to the bakery around the corner. Of course you go on foot. A walk of less than five minutes. So that mask can be put in your pocket for a while. Just in front of the bakery door, take out the mask and put it on properly. There are three people in front of you. Within five minutes you will be outside again with freshly cut bread. The mask mask can therefore be removed again.

For this kind of extremely short exposure to risk – a closed space, where social distance cannot be guaranteed – a solid fabric mask such as the Easy mask from Alsico suffices. This mask achieves a filtration of more than 70%, such as the document for Community masks. prescribes. Just like good air permeability. complies with the requirements in both the Belgian technical document (NBN / DTD S-65-001: 2020) and the French (AFNOR SPEC S76-001).

Mainly the filter capacity is high enough to limit the risk of contamination at the bakery for those five minutes. Plus, the air permeability had better be big enough, because you don’t want to get out of breath on that short walk? The adjustable ear loops make it easy to put on and take off. With this polyester-cotton fabric mask, you can also take a longer walk through a busy shopping street, without breathing out. And suppose you send your ten-year-old son for a loaf of bread. Even then no need to worry. The Easy mask is available in four sizes, including a children’s size, so that a mask fits every face.

Another scenario: you go to the theater. Cozy night out with some friends. Only recently we have been obliged to put on a mask during those kinds of occasions – cinema, church, museum, library, .. – during the entire duration of the spectacle. So you sit in a closed room for at least an hour, together with a group of people who do not belong to your bubble.

Exactly the duration of the exposure ensures that the risk of contamination in this case is greater than at the bakery. A single-layer polyester mask such as the Comfort mask from Alsico should provide sufficient protection on such an occasion. The Comfort mask achieves more than 70% filtration. Plus, it features a looped system with a stopper, which ensures that the mask will never pinch or cut behind the ears if you wear it longer.

And suppose you have not canceled that flight to Greece, then we have the following – quite challenging – scenario. You will have to wear a mask when entering the airport terminal until you see the Greek sun at your destination. With a flight duration of three hours or more, that certainly means more than four hours straight with a mask. Moreover, you are in a closed room where no social distance can be guaranteed. In that case, it is best to look for a mouth mask with the highest filter capacity.

Such as, for example, the single-layer polyester-carbon Performance mask developed together with cleanroom professionals. The proven filtration capacity is higher than 99% for particles larger than 5 μm – drops – and 95% for particles larger than 0.3 μm – the so-called aerosols that can also transport the virus. The air permeability of this mask is lower than with the other types, which means that it is best not to make heavy efforts. But that is not a problem in an airplane.

Also keep in mind that you need different masks when you travel. A flight with transfers means that you are soon on the road for more than four hours. And after four hours of continuous use, it is always recommended to put on a washed one. All fabric masks listed here are washable and reusable. But of course not to infinity. We will write about when a mask needs to be replaced in the next post.

Alsico masks can be used in all situations described, but they each have their advantages:

– Short use, easy and fast on and off – choose the EASY mask

– Longer use, good fit, with effort – choose the COMFORT mask

– Longer use, no effort, high filtration – choose the PERFORMANCE mask

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