Do you remember the race against time to make mouth masks? When everyone jumped into the breach with a sewing machine to turn pieces of cloth into masks. Well, that time is over. A quality label has recently been introduced for fabric masks that is supported by the entire textile, safety and maintenance sector. Alsico is proud to announce that we have obtained that label for all mouth masks we have developed.

The home-made masks of the first hour, the cloth masks that were distributed or sold here and there as promotional material. All well meant, but there was a dark side to it. No one could guarantee whether those masks also had sufficient quality after repeated washing. It went so far that doubts arose about the usefulness of such a cloth mask. The Belgian Quality Mask label is now changing that. Below we list how you can recognize such a mask and what requirements it meets.

The BelgianQualityMasks® quality mark lays down a number of minimum requirements that a community mask must meet. These requirements concern the design, materials used, dimensions, maintenance, use, storage and recycling of the mask.

  1. It must be a durable and reusable mask

That is the case for all Alsicomasks. The tests show that the masks retain their properties after a high number of washes. For the Easy mask it is cooked 50 times, for Performance and Comfort no less than 100 times.

2. The mask should work as described in the description

If we put with the Perfomance mask that it has a filtration capacity of 95% – and retains after 100x washes – that is demonstrable. With reports from independent laboratories.

3. Guaranteed washable at home and in industrial laundry. Resistant to high temperatures.

As with all our workwear and protective clothing, we have made sure that all our masks are industrially washable. You must wash a mask at 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes. It must also be possible in a drying cabinet without shrinking to such an extent that it becomes two sizes smaller. Not a problem at all for the Alsicomasks.

4. Guaranteed filter capacity according to the description

We have done the test for the different types of masks. And we came up with the following results:

  1. Comfortable and easy to put on and take off

We are pleased that the Alsicomasks score well here. It proves that the choice of the adjustable elastic – with the Easy mask – and the ribbons with draw system and the ribbons with stoppers – Comfort and Performance – was the right thing. The high-quality adjustable nose bridge also advances comfort. And of course also the different sizes, which ensure that there is a mask for everyone that completely covers mouth, nose and child.

  • Recyclable

Both the polyester-cotton fabric of the Easymask and the 100% polyester of the Performance or Comfort mask can be fully recycled. The condition is of course that the masks are also washed after the last wear.

How do you recognize a BQM mask?

Very easy. To this logo. Pay attention to how many washes the label applies to. And which number has the assigned label. You can check that – along with a lot of other useful information – on this site:

Disclaimer: BelgianQualityMasks® is a quality mark that gives a good indication of the quality of your mask. But it also says explicitly what it is not. Namely: it is not a personal protective device (PPE) or a medical device within the meaning of the applicable EU legislation. No, BelgianQualityMasks® are community masks whose quality has been verified. They can only be used to contain a pandemic – corona, flu, … – as we know it today.

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